Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information and answers to frequently asked questions:

When we clean, we work to ensure the highest quality of service and the happiness of all of our customers. After cleaning, in most cases, we will have customers look over the work to ensure satisfaction. While we are still there, we can go back and address an issue.

We, however, cannot guarantee the complete removal of all spots and stains, prevent all wicking and/or resoiling, especially from substances there prior to cleaning. And, we cannot totally eliminate all traffic lane patterns (where carpet may appear darker) from greying and/or wear and tear.

If, for whatever reason — especially but not limited to soiling conditions –, we are asked to return to a location after a job is complete and we have left, there will be an automatic service charge. We reserve the right to charge for any additional labor and/or products being used.

Upon evaluation, in situations where less than 48HRS has passed, if we come to the conclusion that a mistake has been made on our part and/or we feel the issue falls under reasonable expectations, we will waive the automatic service charge and treat the problem without any additional charge.

MINIMUM CHARGES: Our minimum service charge starts around $100, with some situations starting around $120. That is based on cleaning within the city limits of Zanesville. For any cleaning outside of Zanesville, minimum charges can start closer to $150. Pet stain and odor treatment may also have a higher minimum depending on the situation.

EMERGENCY/SAME DAY SERVICE CHARGES: For any emergency or otherwise urgent situations, where we would be asked or required to come out to a job the same day (or within 24HRS), there will be an automatic emergency charge that will start around $75-100, and could be more depending on the situation. Also, depending on the situation, this fee can be waived.

We recommend waiting 24 hours prior to putting any metal or wood furniture back down on the carpet or removing any of the foam or plastic we place under the legs of the furniture. However, with reasonable circulation, carpets should be dry to touch within a few hours.

Under certain circumstances, due to humidity levels, lack of airflow, after water removal or certain treatments, drying could become an issue. Upon request, we can place down fans while cleaning or leave them overnight at an additional charge.

To speed the process, you can run air conditioning or heating, floor or ceiling fans, open windows, run a dehumidifier, etc.

Any method to improve the flow of air or to decrease humidity will help for faster drying.

Under the rare circumstances that carpets remain wet for longer than a day, please contact us. We will do what we can to provide drying fans and remedy the issue as quickly as possible.

We do move furniture, generally, but not in all cases.

Certain larger items such as beds, large cupboards, cabinets, dressers, TV/entertainment centers, or items such antiques or breakables, are against our policy to move.

In most cases, but not all, we can and will move couches, tables, chairs, and other items; but under certain circumstances, such as with heavier/larger items or when limited by small spaces and/or large quantities of furniture, we reserve the right to refuse to move such items. Within reasonable expectations and under those guidelines, we try our best to accommodate each customer’s needs with regard to moving certain items. Exceptions can (but not necessarily will) be made with explicit permission or help from the customer.

In most cases, we would like to have as much furniture moved as possible prior to us arriving to clean. However, we do understand that is not always possible. Generally, our pricing is such that furniture moving is included, but we do reserve the right to charge more if it adds to the time and labor on a particular job.

No. General spots and odor can be removed through our regular cleaning process or quickly and easily at no additional charge. However, certain more difficult spots, stains, and odors will, in most cases, cost extra for removal, especially pet stains and odor. 

Due to the nature of certain spots and stains, they might not always come out, and we cannot guarantee that they do. In certain cases, carpet fibers can become damaged and worn out over time resulting in traffic lane greying, where damaged fibers will appear darker from certain angles or lighting. For odors, we cannot always guarantee that we can properly treat the entire area, such as situations where there is very heavy contamination that reaches too deeply into the sub-flooring, even more so in situations where that flooring can be sensitive to becoming too wet. We also cannot make any guarantees on pet stains when a pet still remains in the house.

In accordance with our overall guidelines (see section on guarantees above), we do reserve the right to charge for any additional labor, time, or products being used.

We use a powerful truck-mounted extraction unit, which is fuel heated. This provides incredible suction and temperatures for difficult cleaning situations and much faster dry times. This is in comparison to portable (or otherwise less powerful) machines.

The main method we use for cleaning is called hot-water extraction. This is sometimes referred to as steam cleaning, but very hot water (not steam) is what is used to clean the carpets. We start our process by applying a cleaning product and scrubbing with a rake or brush to loosen up and break away soils from the fibers and remove as many spots as possible. We follow that up by using the hot water and suction from our machine to thoroughly flush and extract the applied cleaner along with the suspended soil. Any additional or remaining stains we treat with specialized products and extract as needed.

We also carry and use encapsulating products that are used in a process of cleaning called encapsulation. Encapsulation involves the use of special polymers or substances to dissolve and absorb dirt prior to removal from the carpet. This can be either vacuumed later after drying or when used with our regular cleaning process, can be extracted normally with water. When used on its own, this can allow for faster dry times, or it can be used in certain situations where hot-water extraction is not practical, available, or accessible to the area(s) to be cleaned. This method under certain circumstances also has the benefits of both a cleaner appearance and staying cleaner longer.

No. In most cases, we like to treat pet stains and odor (from pets or otherwise) as a separate issue from cleaning. This allows us to use products that are specifically formulated to address the unique situations and concerns of the customer. Pricing will reflect the extent of the treatment used.

It is also best to mention on the phone, as well as prior to the cleaning, that you have an issue/concern that involves pet stains and odor. This allows us to be prepared in terms of products to be used and time, as well as to provide a more accurate estimate in terms of the cost for our services.

We are often asked if our regular cleaning will be enough without using additional treatments and specialized products, and although it could be enough in certain situations that are not very bad, it is not something that we would recommend.

It is always better to have the carpets vacuumed thoroughly prior to us arriving. Although this is something that we can do, or might not always be necessary, it aids and speeds up the entire process.

Due to using several different cleaners, at different times, and for different situations, we cannot always guarantee the product will be considered “green”. However, all of the products we use are safe for humans and pets. Also, we tend to use significantly less harsh products, especially on residential cleanings.

The main products we use for most residential cleaning are very often approved to meet environmental standards such as Green Balance, Green Seal, EPA Designed for the Environment, and IAQ (indoor air quality) approval. And, when they are not official approved they are manufactured to be very safe and fit some, if not all criteria, of various programs.

We do use other products, especially for more difficult situations, that may present problems with particular sensitivities. If you have any issues or concerns, please let us know prior to cleaning.

From carpet manufacturers, they recommend between 12-18 months. This, under certain circumstances, could be a requirement to keep up with a warranty. We usually recommend once a year, but for certain customers with high traffic, more than that is acceptable. However, we would recommend against getting it cleaned by hot-water extraction too often.

To keep carpets clean longer, we would recommend applying a protector after cleaning. This helps against soil, prevents staining, and makes it easier to clean up either after spills or with routine vacuuming. Even without the protector cleaning up spills as quickly as possible with mild detergents/cleaners and water is recommended. Also, routine vacuuming.

Although those are the core of our products, we do use other products, especially for more difficult situations, that may present problems with particular sensitivities. If you have any issues or concerns, please let us know prior to cleaning.

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