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These are some of the amazing services we offer at EvoClean

At EvoClean, we use a high-powered, high-heat, truck-mounted unit. For our customers, this means an overall better cleaning experience. It means faster dry times, a quicker process, and overall better cleaning results when compared to other cleaners. On top of that, we are professional, knowledgeable, and certified. We can provide services designed to help you enjoy a clean, beautiful, and healthy environment with improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and all the benefits of having carpet in your home.

As you know, carpet is not the only thing that can become soiled, stained, or cause odor problems. Your furniture also requires professional cleaning. Just like we recommend routine carpet cleaning, we also recommend the same for upholstery. As with carpet, this ensures that your upholstered furniture remains in fantastic condition over time.

At EvoClean, we are well-prepared to handle a range of pet stain and odor-related problems. We have the tools and expertise to deal with many stain and odor-related issues. Our techniques and solutions depend on the level of severity and your needs. We choose the right approach to give you the best results for your situation.

Over time, the protective properties of carpet and upholstery start to wear down. We recommend applying carpet & fabric protectors with general cleaning and maintenance. The use of protective treatment on carpet and upholstery is vital to restore stain resistance. It makes spills and spots easier to clean up, and the clean appearance of your carpet will last longer.

EvoClean handles a wide variety of spots and stains. In most cases, we can eliminate hard-to-remove spotting and stains. Customers are often surprised when we can get out what they thought was permanent or that others left behind.