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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

At EvoClean, we recommend professional carpet cleaning about once every year. Organizations such as the IICRC, The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), as well as carpet manufacturers recommended every 12-18 months. We recommend professional carpet cleaning more often to those who suffer from respiratory sensitivities and/or allergies. Also, for homes with indoor pets, high traffic areas, or when spills result in spots and stains.

Our primary way of cleaning carpets is hot-water extraction. This is often referred to as “steam cleaning”. Hot-water extraction is the recommended method by the above organizations. It is also, in certain cases, required to maintain carpet warranties. Check with the relevant carpet manufacture for more info about your carpets.

At EvoClean, we use a high-heat, truck-mounted unit. For our customers, this means an overall better cleaning experience. It means faster dry times. It also means a quicker process. This leads to better cleaning when compared to other carpet cleaners. On top of that, we are professional, knowledgeable, certified, and insured. We can provide properly-suited services to help you enjoy a clean, beautiful, and healthy environment. This includes improved indoor air quality and all of the benefits that come with having carpet in your home.


A Standard Carpet Cleaning Process:

Our primary residential and commercial carpet cleaning process involves a high standard of carpet care. Our process involves the following steps:

1) Pre-Vacuuming (Dry Soil Removal): 

In carpet, nearly 80% of soil in carpet is insoluble. It is best to remove this soil by vacuuming. Making sure that most of the dry soil is removed from the carpet prior to cleaning will aid the overall results. It also makes the rest of the cleaning much easier.

2) Preconditioning (Soil Suspension):

After vacuuming, we apply a pre-spray. A pre-spray is used to dissolve and separate soil from the carpet fibers. We carry different types of pre-sprays. This allows us to handle a wide variety of situations. Our main pre-spray is designed to be environmentally friendly. It is also great for people with odor or chemical sensitivities. However, for more difficult situations, we carry stronger chemicals designed to handle anything from heavy grease to pet stains.

3) Agitation:

After we apply our cleaner, we use a brush or rake to scrub the carpet. This allows for the pre-spray to be spread evenly and reach deep down into the carpet. Along with dissolving and breaking up soil and stains, it also helps to remove and loosen up additional hair and other soils left after vacuuming. The process of pre-spraying and scrubbing can often get out the majority of spots and stains prior to our next step, which is rinsing.

4) Rinse (Soil Extraction): 

To complete any cleaning process, the soil must be completely and thoroughly extracted. We use a truck-mounted machine that provides the proper heat, pressure, and vacuum to thoroughly rinse any applied chemical and suspended soil from your carpet.

5) Spot & Stain Removal:

We can often get everything out with basic cleaning. However, we have special products to remove any spots and stains that may remain.

6) Groom: 

Afterward, we groom your carpet. This helps to properly spread any products for odor or any protector. It can also help the carpet dry faster. Along with drying, it will improve the appearance of your carpet.

7) Drying:

Damp carpet can lead to soiling issues and slip and fall hazards. Also, if your carpet is wet for too long it can cause major issues. Water damage or mold and mildew. That is why we work to ensure proper drying. We carry fans that, upon requests, we can use to speed dry. These fans are called air-movers and are specially made to dry carpet. Also, upon request, we can leave these fans overnight.

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