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EvoClean is a professional, locally owned carpet cleaning business serving Zanesville, OH, and the surrounding areas. Organizations like the IICRC, the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), and carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning from companies like us because of the certifications we obtained and the equipment and products we use. That includes experience and knowledge gained through years in the business and constantly staying up-to-date with industry standards and techniques. 

The recommended frequency for professional cleaning ranges from 12-18 months or often sooner. Those suffering from respiratory sensitivities and allergies may desire more frequent cleanings. The same applies to homes with indoor pets, high traffic, or occasional accidents.

EvoClean: Carpet Cleaning

At EvoClean, we are professional and knowledgeable. We provide services designed to help you enjoy a clean, beautiful, and healthy environment with improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and all the benefits of having carpet in your home. We use a high-powered and high-heat truck-mounted unit that provides faster dry times, a quicker process, and a better cleaning experience.

Our primary cleaning method is hot water extraction, which also became known as “steam cleaning.” Hot water extraction is also recommended by the organizations mentioned above and is even required to maintain certain carpet warranties*. 

*Check out the relevant carpet manufacturers’ websites for more information.

Safer and more versatile cleaning options

In addition, we value new techniques and products that utilize encapsulating and other beneficial anti-resoling properties. Doing so ensures the best cleaning and more lasting results. We also pay close attention to using safer and more environmentally friendly products. 

Heavy-duty industrial cleaners, enzymes, and fragrant deodorizers have their place; however, we also offer our customers odor-free options. 

That’s in addition to non-toxic, hypoallergenic formulations.  

Versatility is a concern for us, as well. We carry products specifically designed for certain carpet fibers such as wool, olefin, and other delicate fabrics and fiber types.


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A Standard Carpet Cleaning Process:

A carpet cleaning process involves a high-quality standard of carpet care. It consists of the following steps:

1) Vacuuming (Dry Soil Removal): Nearly 80% of the soil in the carpet is insoluble (i.e., it cannot dissolve in water or other chemicals). Therefore, it is critical to remove this soil by vacuuming. Ensuring the removal of the majority of dry, insoluble soil will help improve the overall results and make removing the remaining easier.

2) Pre-spraying (Soil Suspension): After vacuuming, to properly and effectively remove the remaining soils, we apply a cleaning agent (or pre-spray) to dissolve and separate the dirt from the carpet fibers.

3) Agitation: To ensure proper distribution of pre-spray and to aid in separating and suspending soils for complete removal, agitation, by either a manual rake or brush or a mechanical agitator, is done.

4) Rinse (Soil Extraction):  The soil and cleaning solution needs thorough extraction to complete any cleaning process. Our method of hot water extraction works is the most effective and efficient way of doing this.

5) Spot & Stain Removal: The above procedures will most likely remove most spots and stains. However, some might need more attention. We have a special spotting kit for this purpose. These specially formulated cleaning and spotter solutions allow us to remove wine, gum, rust, red dyes, and other spots and stains.

6) Groom: Afterwards, we groom your carpet. While helping to distribute any post-cleaning additives, it also can aid in drying and creates an even and presentable appearance.

7) Drying: Damp carpet can lead to re-soiling issues, slip and fall hazards, odor problems, and inconveniences. We can ensure prompt drying with proper ventilation and air movement. A fan or multiple fans can also aid the drying process. We carry high-speed floor drying fans for this purpose. We can run them while cleaning or leave them with the customer*.

*a fee is applicable for pickup or leaving fans overnight

At EvoClean, we are well-prepared to handle a range of pet stain and odor-related problems. We have the tools and expertise to deal with many stain and odor-related issues. Our techniques and solutions depend on the level of severity and your needs. By choosing the correct approach, we give you the best results for your situation.

Our customers trust EvoClean for the best possible service.
This year we are celebrating a decade in business.
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Larry Moore
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Ive used this company! They did a WONDERFUL JOB. I'll be using them again. 5 stars.
Ella Croston
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They do a great job at an affordable price, will use again.
Michael King
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Great customer service and quality! Highly recommend!
Karen Shaw Honaker
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I am extremely impressed with this company. They were courteous, respectful and professional. I turned another carpet cleaning place away yesterday morning after clearing out the room that I wanted to clean. I called Evo and they had an opening yesterday afternoon, what luck! The carpet is wonderfully clean with a fresh smell and that's saying a lot because I had a sick Australian Shepherd with a lot of hair. Their prices is better than competitive. If you don't give them a try it's your loss.
Carol Durant Macenko
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The BEST carpet cleaner around! Very prompt, courteous and great pricing! It looks like I got brand new carpet. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 5 stars
Liz Johnson Winters
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I highly recommend for carpet cleaning. The gentleman that came were very polite and courteous. Great job. Fast and efficient.
Lexi Lentz
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On time, very friendly, family owned & operated, & our carpets look awesome! Great pricing! Highly satisfied! Definitely will hire them again!
Rock Samsom
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They responded at the time they said. They were very curtious and knew exactly what they were doing. My wife was very happy with the results with how clean the carpet came out. We would recommend this company to all of our friends and family as they are very professional and very reasonable priced. Thank you very much EvoClean.

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