carpet and fabric protector

Carpet & Fabric Protector

Carpet & Fabric Protector

At EvoClean, we offer carpet and fabric protector for carpet and upholstery. Some people might wonder about the benefits of choosing a protector. There are also questions about the protection that most carpets come with from the factory. I’ll try to answer some of those questions and concerns below.

Let’s start with the protector from the manufacturer. Yes, carpets will often ship from the manufacturer with a stain-resistant coating. However, this wears out over time. As a result, the benefits are no longer there. That is where having a protector re-applied after cleaning becomes vital.

Over time, the protective properties of carpet and upholstery start to wear down. We recommend applying carpet & fabric protectors with general cleaning and maintenance. The use of protective treatment on carpet and upholstery is vital to restore stain resistance. It makes spills and spots easier to clean up, and the clean appearance of your carpet and upholstery will last longer.

Advanced Protection
Any treatments we offer will work great for protecting from spots, spills, and staining, including pet spots and stains.

Types of protectors offered

Advanced Protector


Advanced for Upholstery


Stains, Odors, Soils


Encapsulating Green Protector


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Popular Brand protectors Not Listed

Some may have noticed name brands like Scotchgard and Teflon products go unmentioned. Others might not even realize that there are other brands available. All of the protectors produced by reputable manufacturers, including well and lesser-known products, have advantages and limitations when used in various scenarios. We believe the protectors we provide have the best and most practical benefits for our customers. The dye-blockers to prevent the penetration of food dyes into the carpet is an integral stain-resisting feature many of our customers appreciate.

We may upgrade or change products as technology, information, and knowledge advance over the years. If we do not carry a product you are interested in, let us know, and we can order either a Scotchgard, Teflon or another product.

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