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Pet Stain & Odor Treatment

- Pet Stain & Odor Treatment -

At EvoClean, we are prepared to handle various stain and odor-related problems. We have the tools and expertise to deal with many stain and odor-related issues, especially those caused by pets. Our techniques and solutions depend on the level of severity and your needs. By choosing the correct approach, we give you the best results for your situation.

Concern for our customers led us to offer different levels of pet stain and odor treatments depending on the situation. Not all scenarios are the same. We use several methods for dealing with such problems. Applying topical treatment for moderate to light stains and odor is one option. The other option is treatments for getting to the source deep in the carpet backing and pad.

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Levels & Types of Treatment

-Topical stain & odor treatments-

  • Topical treatments can be anything from treating just one stain with a spotting solution to using a specially formulated pre-spray and odor-neutralizing treatment designed to handle pet stains and odors. We can also work by adding stain and odor-fighting boosters to our standard pre-spray.

-Sub-Surface Treatments-

  • Pet treatment sometimes involves treating the area enough to reach deep into the carpet backing and padding. The solution must penetrate as far as the source. Most products require direct contact with the cause of the odor to be effective.

-Bacterial Enzyme Treatments-

  • Bacteria and enzyme treatments are applied topically for lighter situations. However, the sub-surface option is also available with a solution-injecting tool or when sprayed heavily. Our bacterial enzyme products work to consume the source of the odor. These products work as long as moisture is present and spread to treat the entire area. These products also work for mold, mildew, smoke, skunk, vomit, rot, and other organic odors. It also works to remove organic staining.
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Our process & Method for Treating urine Odor & Stains

-Neutralizing Dried Urine Salts-

  • When pet spots dry on or into the carpet, they become alkaline, which means the pH shifts from a lower acidic state into a higher pH. The issue is that most cleaners also have higher pH, and most odor treatments work best under neutral conditions. That is why we start every urine treatment with a low pH neutralizing solution that assists in dissolving the dried urine salts and targeting the ammonia and odor-causing bacteria.

-Pre-Treating & Odor Neutralizing Solutions-

  • After the urine salts dissolve and the pH balances, we can utilize our general pre-treatment solutions. These are for the specific stain and soil conditions of your carpet. In addition to these solutions, as needed, we add odor-neutralizing products designed to eliminate odors. Keep in mind that not all deodorizing products are the same. Some deodorizers attempt to cover up odors with a fragrance. In situations where complete odor removal is the goal, it is vital to ensure professional odor removal products are used, not masking products.

-Flushing:  High-Heat & Hot-Water Extraction-

  • The next vital step is ensuring that all of the material that has been dissolved and emulsified is flushed thoroughly from the carpet or fabric. High heat is crucial during this process. We ensure the extraction of as much of the odor source as possible. That increases the effectiveness of post-cleaning treatments and gives better results.

-Post-Treatment: Urine Digesting & Odor Removal-

  • After the cleaning process, we apply a combination of bacterial, enzymatic, and odor-counteracting solutions and fragrances. These products are designed not only to start working and eliminating odor on contact but will continue to work on any residue or odor until the carpet dries.

-Post-Treatment: Stains-

  • We can also apply stain removal products if any stains remain after cleaning. The complete removal of all staining is not always possible. However, these products will also work to lighten or remove as much of it as possible until the product dries.

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