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Upholstery Cleaning

- Professional Upholstery Cleaning -

At EvoClean, along with professional carpet cleaning services, we also offer professional upholstery cleaning services.

As you know, carpet isn’t the only thing that becomes soiled or causes odor problems. Furniture also requires professional cleaning. Just like we recommend routine carpet cleaning, we recommend the same for upholstery. As with carpet, this ensures that your upholstered furniture remains in fantastic condition over time.

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Same quality service

You can get the same high-quality cleaning, stain removaldeodorization, and protection. The only difference is that we will use an upholstery wand, and we use the added care and attention needed to clean, treat and take care of your delicate upholstery. 

Furniture uses a wider variety of materials. We test fabrics before cleaning. Doing this makes sure that the colors will not bleed or fade. We pay close attention to ensure the fabric is safe to clean and will give good results.

Following the same steps as carpet cleaning, we start by vacuuming if needed. Then, we pre-spray and brush with soft bristles to remove dirt, hair, stains, and soil. As with carpet cleaning, this helps remove material stuck to the fibers. We end with extracting and ensuring the proper drying conditions.

You can feel safe and secure with our cleaning knowledge and results. We strive for the best possible results and the highest standard of care.

Protecting for the future.
Check out our page discussing your options for applying fabric protective treatment after cleaning. Any treatments we offer will work great for protecting from spots, spills, and staining, including pet spots and stains.
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We recommend our option specifically designed to treat upholstery fabrics.